Massage of feet


Most therapeutically effective foot massage . Reflex zones and points on the feet are linked to each organ and gland of the human body . Through the stack is an influence on the autonomic nervous system , the lymphatic system and the energy meridians of the body. Effective way to soft therapeutic impact, as the energy of the body , and the individual organs .

Refreshment and relaxation

First leg heated with hot wet towels , followed by a relaxing traditional massage with reflexology and refreshing balm on the basis of wild mint . Especially recommended after prolonged physical exertion or legs .


Massage of feet (30 min)   500,00 UAH
Massage of feet (40 min)   600,00 UAH


One of the most ancient systems of healing


System of that more than 2,5 thousand years return physical forces and feeling of internal harmony to the people.

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