A KING massage is a synchronous massage of body in 4 hands. This massage pursues an aim to restore an organism to a state of equilibrium, to promote the inflow of life-breaths, tone of organism.  He is also recommended at the assiduous and not mobile way of life, for the increase of capacity and quickness of thought, at a chronic tiredness and state of stress. His main difference is a technique of execution: you will be able to test on itself influence at once of two skilled specialists, thus simultaneously. Do not say no to itself in this pleasure!


Thai King (1 hour)   1395,00 UAH
Thai King (1,5 hour)   1595,00 UAH



Thai Aroma King (1 hour)   1495,00 UAH
Thai Aroma King (1,5 hour)   1695,00 UAH


One of the most ancient systems of healing


System of that more than 2,5 thousand years return physical forces and feeling of internal harmony to the people.

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