A traditional Thai massage is called to restore Your organism to a state of equilibrium, quickly obtaining as a deep weakening, so intensive influx of life-breaths.  Dry massage of body from finger-tips feet to the top of head. It is a complex method of treatment, which plugs in itself combination of massage of biologically active points, work with power meridians and separate elements of practice of yogis.   A massage is brought by a salutary facilitation at head and spinal pains, clamps of muscles, violation of sleep, problems with digestion; promotes tone of blood vessels, increases mobility of joints. If you constantly sit and move little, want to take off stress and delivered from a chronic fatigue  - test a traditional Thai massage. You will be pleasantly surprised, discovering, as far as a capacity and quickness of thought rose for you.


Traditional thai massage (40 min)   895,00 UAH
Traditional thai massage (1 hour)   995,00 UAH
Traditional thai massage (1,5 hour)   1195,00 UAH

One of the most ancient systems of healing


System of that more than 2,5 thousand years return physical forces and feeling of internal harmony to the people.

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Traditional Thai massage

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