Sanya  one of the most skilled specialists of our center. There is one enough touch to her, to understand a problem and method of fight against her.

Her professionally executable Thai massage looks outside as dance: a masseur glides, rhythmically, practically unnoticed going across from one motion to other. She has an experience work in the salons of the Thai massage in Europe, and middle Asia is 10 more than.

One of setting of the Thai massage is an achievement of four divine states consciousnesses  that for buddhists are considered the condition of complete happiness of man you can test exactly with this Master from a capital letter!

     Sanya is a professional, that can show that the Thai massage - it not only work with a physical body, and, that yet more important, affecting power channels of man. Already for one session a masseuse will manage to take off most blocks that interfere with energy evenly to spread on a body, causing different diseases. And smooth, harmonious You became the participant of that.

One of the most ancient systems of healing


System of that more than 2,5 thousand years return physical forces and feeling of internal harmony to the people.

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