Malai - always concentrated and concentrated. Has very large experience. If you conduct the assidenous and not mobile way of life, want to take off stress and get rid from a chronic tiredness  - test the traditional Thai massage that does Malai. you will be pleasantly surprised, discovering, as far as a capacity and thinking quickness rose for you.

     During a massage this master necessarily will pass to you the particle of the buddhistic wisdom. Calmness, even temper and complete concentrated on a massage, and also deep respect and honouring you is inalienable part of procedure of Мalai.

     The massage of this master shows his reflex action fully, id est influence on all systems and organs of human body. During procedure you will be able to feel, as Your breathing became deeper is contingently that the massaged fabrics begin to consume more oxygen, circulation of blood and metabolism get better. After such massage there is a charge of cheerfulness and good

One of the most ancient systems of healing


System of that more than 2,5 thousand years return physical forces and feeling of internal harmony to the people.

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